8) No production costs!  Our graphic design expert, Matt Wilbert, works with all of our customers to design attractive, effective and attention grabbing ads.

7)  Change your ad regularly without additional fees. Traditional static billboards require days or weeks to change. And that vinyl isn’t cheap! Our digital messages can be changed in minutes from our laptops.

6)  We don’t discriminate! Don’t like Country Music? We don’t care. It doesn’t matter what radio station you are listening to or if you subscribe to a newspaper or which local TV News is your favorite, if you are at an intersection with one of our billboards, you are welcome to watch. That’s a long way of saying that other media are splintered and becoming more so every day. Our billboards reach young, old and in between.

5)  Affordable. Your ad can be on our billboard for eight seconds for as little as $0.012!

4) Effective. Our ads are getting results for our customers. More website hits, more in store traffic, more name recognition.

3) Digital boards are noticed and remembered 5 times more than traditional billboards according to a study from the Outdoor Advertising trade association.

2)  24/7/365   You’re business will literally shine all of the time on our billboards.

1)  Stop. Sit. Stare. Our number one goal is to place billboards at the busiest stoplight or 4-way stop intersections in each town. That means drivers and their passengers get a chance to more than just ‘drive by’ our boards. They stop. They sit. They stare. And then they act by spending money with you.